If you are reading this you must be looking for a creative solution which is full life and personality. Good news, you have found the right place!
My name is Emilie Otto I’m a Graphic Designer by trade, an Artist at heart. I create colourful artwork/illustrations and help small biz owners & creatives with everything visual branding.

“Born an artist and qualified as a designer.”
I would describe my style as vibrant and lively with influences of hand drawn and painted textures, lines and shapes. Needless to say, I am PASSIONATE about design and have always been a master at infusing digital and traditional art forms.

When wearing my artist hat, I strive to create original and dynamic pieces of work to the community, and as a graphic designer I provide collaborative solutions for like-minded businesses to create authentic and bold visual brands.

So welcome, welcome to my little world and the house of all my creations filled with colour, passion and so much more.

Chat soon, Emilie.


Bachelor of Commerce, double majoring in Advertising partnered with Graphic Design and Creative Advertising. Graduating in 2012.

> (Curtin University only offered this unique major for 6 months!)

Other highlights:

  • Graphic Design 7+ years

  • Working with and for small businesses 10 + years

  • Adobe guru 11 + years

  • Hobby Artist 20 + years

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